When it comes to making precision parts from metals or other solids look no further. Our Haas VF2 is fast, precise, and reliable.

Whether you are running a high-volume, straightforward job or one-off complex multi-axis procedure, we can help.


Our CNC mill is equipped with a 4th axis that allows for complicated parts to machined with ease.



Haas VF-2  20 Hp, year 2000

Travel 30"x16"x20" Table 46"x16" Machining Tolerance +-.0005"

Live 4th axis

Our CNC routers can cut a variety of materials including; plywood, hardwoods, plastics, foams, soft metals, and many more.

2D patterns cut from sheets are cut with speed and accuracy. Routers are also ideal for shaping 3D shapes for application like props and models.


The large bed size of these machines allows for wide variety projects from large to small.


Techno CNC LC4896 5 Hp, year 2005

Travel 50"x98"x4" Table 54"x120" Machining Tolerance +-.005"

12 Hp Vacuum table

Baileigh WR-48V  4 Hp, year 2015
Travel 49"x99"x4" Table 50"x104"
Machining Tolerance +-.005
11 Hp Vacuum table

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